Bob Hassel - Jan Martinez - Bill Darmitzel & the =RV-12=

Bob Hassel

I've been around planes since I was a kid. My dad worked for Cessna in the early to mid sixties in Wichita, Kansas.  He was on the Production Management team for the 150 & 172. Santa used to come to town in a Cessna.  Sky King would come for his new 'Song Bird'. On Christmas Eve, while my mom stayed at home to 'fix her hair', dad would take us for a drive to look at the Christmas lights. We would always drive by Ms. Beech's home (no Bonanza's were parked outside) and then end up with a real hamburger at a drive-in (quite the treat). Of course Santa always managed to slip into the house unseen by my mom while we were out cruising!

In my sernior year of high school, I had finally got bitten by the flying bug enough to take some lessons. I found a small airport in Ohio, that was a grass strip nestled up against a levee and river bank that taught the art of flying in Champion Citabria's. While I was struggling with the art part, I worked to get my solo.  I wasn't really interested in a license, I just enjoyed flying around solo, low and slow. The sound of the engine beating the warm & hazy summer air, the smell of fresh cut grass, all led to some incredible memories. Some 15 years later I was able to get my license.  Life came in to play and flying was off and on for the next several years/decades. 

Fast foward to today. With my wife Jan and my father-in-law Bill, we're all three busy at work, in the garage, building an RV-12.

The RV-12 is an extremely well made kit that goes together fast (for a plane). The parts are pre-formed and pre-drilled. Most of the rivets are pull rivets (15,000+). The plans are really well laid out leading you step-by-step, picture-by-picture through the build. The engine, instruments and just about everyting else are included in the kit. Step-by-step we're turning little parts into airplane parts.  Hopefully this year those airplane parts will turn into an airplane.

We are a team, building this RV-12.  We work together, share ideas and enjoy the fun of the build. We are equal partners in the building process.  Jan and I started an RV-9 about 10 years ago and Bill even got in on that build as well. Building as a team is helpful and keeps the energy up.  Three heads are always better than one! 

Jan Martinez


Bill Darmitzel



    Pictures of Our =RV-12= Build
Stabilator  Anti-Servo Tabs  Rudder  Vertical Stabilizer 
Tail Cone   Wings Fuselage   


What we're shooting for -



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