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   New Mexico EAA Chapters/Resources
 Albuquerque, NM - Website - Chapter 179  Albuquerque, NM - Facebook Page- Chapter 179  Albuquerque, NM - Chapter 1521
 Alamogordo, NM - Chapter 251 Clovis, NM - Chapter 969  Edgewood, NM - Chapter 1306
 Las Cruces, NM - Chapter 555  Los Lunas, NM - Chapter 530  Roswell, NM - Chapter 1193
New Mexico Pilots Association    
   Colorado EAA Chapters/Resources
 The counties of Delta and Montrose Colorado  Colorado Pilots Association  



   Chapter Techtalks/Technotes
 Amateur Build Safety  Aircraft CG  Aircraft Performance  Fuel Ingection  Gascolator 
 Gusty Winds, Backcountry, Opps!  2014 - What does it take to do the first flight in a brand new homebuilt aircraft and how should you prepare?  The Turn Back or Practice at Los Alamos - Article - Video
Fire Proffing Your Firewall   Magnetos   Back Country New Mexico - by Larry Filener (New Mexico Pilots Association)
 Tail Wheel Shimmy  
 Test Pilot - Part 1 by Will Fox  Test Pilot - Part II by Will Fox  



 Chapter Members Leading the way!
"Experimenter" Article featuring Chapter Members David Roe and Doug Reid Second "Experimenter" article featuring Doug Reid's Aeromorph 75 Engine
Will Fox with the Pegazair at Oshkosh (video) Will Fox's Altitude Record Holding Pegazair 100  Will Fox Stick Shaker Article in EAA Sport Aviation
 Skip Egdorf - Flying a Taylorcraft on a Cross Country Adventrure  9/13/2014 - Los Alamos Science Fest


   Ground School Training by Will
 Basic Weather Theory by Brian Smith    



   Articles & Presentations From Chapter Members
 Licensing Your Plane  In-Ear Headset -- EAA Talk  Engine Tear Down
 Let's go fly!  Proper Solder Technique  Pushing the Envelope - A date with flutter


   Articles & Info from other sources
The Experimental Aircraft Association  EAA Experimenter Newsletter - A great monthly read - sing up for free! EAA Video -  How To's, Planes, Pilot's and more
Earning My Wings: A video blog about learning to fly  A good general 'How-To' guide for the various things you do when building an aircraft - from Van's  ECI Cylinder Failure Report
Cub Theatre: The-Not-That-Impossible Turn  The Logic Behind Class E Airspace  How to destroy your enigne
 Building a VW Engine - by the late Bob Hoover   
Microburst event - Video   Boulder Co winds - Article
Hand Propping a Rotax 912   Pelican's Perch #16: Those Marvelous Props


   FAA Documentation
 Aviation AIM - Airman's Information Manual Airplane Flying Handbook

Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge - NOTE: This is a large download (114Meg)

•Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge – Appendix 1, Runway Incursion Avoidance

•Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge Errata Sheet

Student Pilot Guide Tips on Mountain Flying

Aviation Instructor's Handbook

•Sample Lesson Plans

•Aviation Instructor's Handbook Errata Sheet

Instrument Procedures Handbook (IPH)

•Instrument Flying Handbook Errata Sheet

Instrument Procedures Handbook
 Aircraft Aircraft Weight and Balance Handbook Amateur-built Aircraft & Ultralight Flight Testing Handbook   FAA - Additional Pilot Program for Phase I Flight Test
 Pilot Training  Pilot Training Guide - Part 2