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This page will link you members, their aircraft/projects. You'll see a wide variety of planes, people and dreams.

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 Member Name - Click on the underlined name to learn more  Airplane Current Status  Picture 
Amy Ross and her Big Bird   Beechcraft - Musketeer/Sierra Flying  Amy Ross  
Van's RV-8 Newly - Flying catching some rays

 Bob Hassel - Jan Martinez - Bill Darmitzel

Part of a build team including

Jan Martinez (wife) and Bill Darmitzel (Jan's father)

 Van's RV-12 Building the Fuselage   

Carolyn Cook


Chris Trapp


David Roe

Van's RV-8 Flying David Roe Small

David Young


Doug Baltzley


Doug Reid


Gary Dawson


George Stephenson

George and Harlan's RV-7a Project

Van's RV-7A  Fuse done - Firewall Forward   george rv7a small

Jeff Scott

Award Winning KR-2S  Flying  Jeff Scott KR2S small 

Jeff Scott

Award Winning Cub Flying Jeff Scott Cub small

Jim Foley


Jim and James Shinas


John Elling


Lloyd Hunt

Cessna 182  Flying   Lloyd Hunt small

Pete Zabriskie

Sonerai IIL In Progress Dave Pratt welding 
 Richard 'Mouser' Williams and his RV-10  Van's RV-10   Finishing the Wings mouser wing small 
Rick Shore      
Roger Smith Piper Tri-Pacer  Flying  Roger Smith Small 
Ron Hyer      
Ronald Tarrson      
Skip Egdorf  Taylorcraft  Flying  Skip Egdorf small 
Thomas Spickermann Zenith CH-750 STOL    Thomas small 
Travis Perry      
Will Fox and his Pegazair Pegazair Flying Will Fox Pegazair small
Will Fox and his Bonanza Bonanza Flying Will Fox - Bonanza small
Will Fox and his 1 and 3/4 Questair Venture Questair Venture One flying and one being improved!