Thomas and his Zenith CH750 STOL

Besides being the Chapter President, Thomas birthed his Zenith CH750 STOL (shortfield take off & landing) aircraft in 2014!

The plane has the latest features with a Jabiru 3300 6 cylinder engine and a Dynon Skyview EFIS.


Early in the build.

 IMG 5504

IMG 5533

IMG 5541

IMG 5556

IMG 5592

IMG 5621

Using the fluting pliers on a strip of angle to get the bend just right. My director of music always told me that the only way to tune a flute was with an axe.  I'm not sure that would work here... Oh wait that was a harp! Opps...

IMG 5645

IMG 5647

This is pre-Jabiru but it still sounds good!

IMG 5697


IMG 6597

IMG 6607

IMG 6661

IMG 6923

IMG 7014

IMG 7020

IMG 7023

IMG 7037

IMG 7090

IMG 9521

IMG 9522

What movie should I watch tonight?

IMG 9532

IMG 9556

IMG 9566

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