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Chapter Meeting - Thursday January 15th - see below

99s Flying Companion Seminar – Saturday, January 31, 2015 at SAF- see below


Want a free chance to see your reaction to hypoxia in a safe and controlled environment? - see below

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Chapter 691 of the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA)  is one of thousands of chapters spread around the world. The EAA organization represents the 'Spirit of Aviation' and was founded in 1953 (http://www.eaa.org/about/chronology.asp).

Our chapter is spread across Northern New Mexico; including Santa Fe, Espanola, Los Alamos and more.  We have a passion for aviation and whether you build, own, rent, buy or just dream aircraft we welcome you to come and see what we're all about.

Our members represent & fly the spectrum of general aviation; including vintage aircraft, homebuilt aircraft, general aviation aircraft, LSA's and ultralights.

You'll find us working away at building our dreams, in garages, sheds, hangers and carports across Northern New Mexico.

To become an official memeber you must belong to the Experimental Aircraft Association. Once you've joined or if you are already a member, then fill out the form & send in the dollars to become a member of Chapter 691 Membership Form.

And for those of you that say,'you're doing what in your garage????' Here's an interesting article on Homebuilt aircraft 'An Introduction to Homebuilt Kitplanes' or this.



News & Upcoming Events


Chapter Meeting - Thursday January 15th 

The January meeting of EAA Chapter 691 will be held in the Los Alamos Airport Terminal building next week Thursday, January 15. The meeting will start with socializing at 6:30 pm, followed by the business meeting at 7 pm. As usual, I will be asking for volunteers to host meetings as well as suggestions for presentations.

David Ploeger, the "new" Airport Manager, will briefly talk about the LA Science Fest, and how local pilots could contribute. As some of you may recall, we did have a number of airplanes on the ramp last year, as well as some hands-on displays. And I dare say that we attracted a pretty god crowd.

We do not (yet) have a technical presentation scheduled, so maybe this would be a good opportunity for updates on projects. Of course, if anyone has a bright idea for a presentation (Latest on ADS-B?), don’t be shy and let our VP, George Stephenson or myself know.

We may also want to discuss upcoming events, such as the Cactus Fly-In at Casa Grande, AZ.

Happy New Year and looking forward to meeting you all,





99s Flying Companion Seminar – Saturday, January 31, 2015 at SAF

REGISTRATION IS OPEN for this one day seminar at the Santa Fe Airport, 8:30am – 4:30pm.  Space limited -- $40 for registrations received by January 9, 2015. Otherwise, $50.  See attached flyer and registration form for details. 

This fun, informative session is designed with the non-pilot in mind. Our goal is to help flying companions become more comfortable in light aircraft and be able to have FUN!  We teach how to be an effective cockpit crew member and help address fears of flying.  The one day ground-school only course covers topics such as:

-  How the airplane flies

-  How to read an aeronautical chart

-  Who to talk to on the radio

-  What the instruments can tell you

-  What to do in an emergency

-  Safety tips, weather, and much more

     . . . so participants can enjoy flying, and be a better Flying Companion!

This seminar is sponsored by the Rio Grande Norte Chapter of the Ninety-Nines.  For more info, see: www.rgn99s.org

If you know someone who might benefit, please help the Rio Grande Norte 99s get the word out. Both men and women are welcome to participate!  We had terrific feedback from our overbooked session last year at Double Eagle II, even from seasoned flying companions!

We hope to have another full class and great day!  Let me know if any questions.

 Registration Form

Joyce Woods

Chair, 2015 Flying Companion Seminar

Rio Grande Norte Chapter of the Ninety-Nines


505 974 5305 cell



Experience hypoxia in a normobaric hypoxia training device that simulates altitude - Feburary 2015

 Registration is now open.  

 CLICK HERE for information and to register.

The New Mexico Pilots Association is currently working out details to host the FAA and their Portable Reduced Oxygen Training Enclosure (PROTE) here in New Mexico the first part of February 2015.  This clinic will offer pilots the ability to experience hypoxia in a normobaric hypoxia training device that simulates altitude by reducing oxygen percentage without reducing atmospheric pressure.


The Civil Aerospace Medical Institute (CAMI) and the FAA Safety Team presents this training and NMPA is fortunate to be able to secure dates. This is a great opportunity for valuable training.

The FAA needs a good pilot response for attendance in order to justify shipping the PROTE chamber and staffing the clinic.  

Therefore -  

****** NMPA would appreciate pilots responding to this email before the first of the year if you are interested in participating in the PROTE training for February 6th and 7th, 2015 in order to secure approximate attendance numbers.

If you are an organization, we would appreciate your providing this information to your members.


Flying Above 10,000 Feet? The U.S. Code of Federal Regulations,Title 14, Part 61.31 (g)(1-3) prescribes the knowledge and skill requirements for the various airman certificates and ratings. Several civil aviation airframes are capable of flight in the high-altitude environment. Pilots operating aircraft in the high-altitude environment must receive certain knowledge in the critical factors regarding the physiological aspects of flight operations.



1.  Two hours of FAA "classroom" instruction on hypoxia recognition and the physiology and psychology of oxygen deprivation.  There are no restrictions on classroom participation but current pilots will have priority for classroom space. This includes sport pilot classifications.   

2.  Following the instruction block, a simulated high altitude "flight" in CAMI's PROTE system is available. This chamber experience requires a current  First, Second or Third Class for folks 18 years and older.

Anyone not meeting this criteria can not participate in the chamber experience

3. The spatial disorientation demonstrator will also be available.

Cost: FREE

Location: Central New Mexico - Probably Double Eagle

Registration:  Will be on the NMPA website and tentative scheduling is planned as follows:

The following time blocks will be available for registration:

The classroom portion will be set up in two hour blocks for both Friday, 2/6/15 and Sat 2/7/15

8:00 to 10:00 a.m.

10:15 to 12:15 noon

12:30 to 2:30 p.m.

The PROTE "flight" will immediately follow each of those blocks. 

Registrants should plan on being on the field for approximately 4.5 hours to complete the classroom and PROTE training.


Certificate - you will receive a certificate noting that you have completed the FAA's Physiological Training course. This training does not satisfy all requirements for the high-altitude endorsement; no logbook annotation is made but CFI's accept the training toward the endorsement.

When approximate attendance is confirmed, NMPA will post registration and complete details on our website in very early January. 

Thanks folks and safe travels.

Cathy Myers, President

New Mexico Pilots Association



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