EAA Chapter 691 Welcomes You!


Chapter Meeting- October 16th - see below

Young Eagles Upcoming Event @ Lindrith (E32) - October 18th - see below

Belen Young Eagles Rally - October 18th - see below

Call for Young Eagles Help in Las Cruses - see below

Photo's from the oung Eagle event in Taos Saturday September 20, 2014 are here. 

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Chapter 691 of the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA)  is one of thousands of chapters spread around the world. The EAA organization represents the 'Spirit of Aviation' and was founded in 1953 (http://www.eaa.org/about/chronology.asp).

Our chapter is spread across Northern New Mexico; including Santa Fe, Espanola, Los Alamos and more.  We have a passion for aviation and whether you build, own, rent, buy or just dream aircraft we welcome you to come and see what we're all about.

Our members represent & fly the spectrum of general aviation; including vintage aircraft, homebuilt aircraft, general aviation aircraft, LSA's and ultralights.

You'll find us working away at building our dreams, in garages, sheds, hangers and carports across Northern New Mexico.

To become an official memeber you must belong to the Experimental Aircraft Association. Once you've joined or if you are already a member, then fill out the form & send in the dollars to become a member of Chapter 691 Membership Form.

And for those of you that say,'you're doing what in your garage????' Here's an interesting article on Homebuilt aircraft 'An Introduction to Homebuilt Kitplanes' or this.


News & Upcoming Events


Chapter Meeting - October 16th -


the October meeting will be hosted and presided over by chapter VP George Stephenson at his Hangar #12 at Aviation Way, KSAF. George will conduct a tech talk on laying fiberglass canopy skirt as opposed to metal ones prescribed by the manufacturer. You should also expect to hear from Will, Skip and myself about the fun we had at the Negrito Fly-In (and how many hours it took me to get the mud of my plane). Finally, You’ll also have one more chance volunteer for the YE rally at Lindrith this coming Saturday, October 18.


Young Eagles Upcoming Event @ Lindrith (E32) - October 18th - I would like to invite you to join the volunteer group at the 2014 Lindrith Young Eagle Rally on October 18th, 2014. Lindrith (E32) is a hard-packed sand runway in excellent condition in a beautiful area of our state. Pilots and volunteers, please plan to arrive between 8:30 and 8:45. We'll try to begin flights around 9:00. There will be a pre-flight safety briefing. Additional details will follow.

...If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you very much in advance!


update -

Things are coming together for this weekend's Lindrith Young Eagle Rally. Unfortunately, it does conflict with this weekend's Belen rally.


We will have emergency responders (ERs) on field for the whole event. The Lindrith ERs are very excited to have an opportunity to meet with us and have a chance to look at our planes and the important systems. So excited in fact, that the Lindrith ERs are hoping to have a short training session (~1 hour) after the rally is complete. I've attached a .pdf of the material that they will be considering. Rol acknowledged that some of the information is clearly intended for large aircraft but it will provide some idea of what the ERs may be considering and have questions about.


Word of the Lindrith rally and proposed training session has also spread to a number of the surrounding communities. They are hoping to send emergency crews to Lindrith to talk with our volunteers and study the planes as well. Please consider delaying your departure from Lindrith after the rally if at all possible to help these emergency crews gain practical knowledge about our aircraft.  


The Lindrith emergency crew working to pull together a barbeque for the volunteers as well. I'll forward information regarding the final go/no go on the barbeque as soon as I hear. I'll be bringing light snacks that morning and there should be coffee as well. I'll send along finalized flight routes no later than Friday afternoon.


If you have any questions, please feel free to email me. Also, if you're able to join us, would you please send me a note so that I may get the important details out to you?


Many, many thanks in advance for your support of the YE program in general as well as with the proposed ER training post rally.


Take good care!




Young Eagles in Belen - October 18th -

If you're interested in helping at Belen, please contact Ken Summers at kens


@gksummers.net. Here's the information Ken sent last night regarding the Belen rally:


Our chapter down here (1306) (Edgewood) is putting on a Young Eagles rally at E80 (Belen) (I know, how I get into these things I don't know) in conjunction with their Airport day October 18.  I'm trying to round up pilots and ground support.  Would you please spread the word around?  I sure would appreciate it.  Any and all help would be appreciatedWe will be flying from 8:00 to 12:00, meeting at 7:30 for setup and briefings (not my choice, believe me!).  Don't let the early hour discourage anyone.  I can, of course, take help later as well.




Young Eagles in Las Cruces needs you - November 8th!

EAA Chapter 555  Calling for Pilots and Airplanes for Young Eagles - 8 Nov 14

Those of you who have been to our meetings lately know that we're trying to re-invigorate our Young Eagles program participation. For those who haven't, or don't know about Young Eagles, it's the program that EAA national sponsors to get kids interested in flying. It has been very successful for many years. Essentially, we explain the basics of flying to the youngsters, then take them for short flights around the patch. Most will even get a chance to take the controls.
I don't know about the rest of you, but when I was a child, the only way I had of flying an airplane was when I built a tiny one myself out of balsa and rubber bands, and tossed it across the yard. So this is a great opportunity for the kids, and between Young Eagles and its new counterpart program for adults (called just "Eagles"), this is our main source of new members right now.

Picacho Middle School, just a few miles down the hill from the airport, has an Honors Science program with an aviation block. The teacher that runs that is asking if we could fly her students on the 8th of November. She's got about 28 of them.

We have several pilots who have already volunteered for some Young Eagles flights. Many thanks to Barry Hill [Skyranger], Carl Bogardus, Doc Shult, and Chris Campbell [Skyranger], Dick DeCramer [RV], and Doug Newton [Koliber]. I figure we'll need at least 8 airplanes and crews for the event on the 8th of November. I'd especially appreciate one or more female volunteers; we're getting a lot of girls lately, and it really helps them to see that flying isn't just for those of us with incredible reserves of testosterone.

We'll probably also need a few others on the ground to maintain safety and order. And of course there will be plenty of parents there too, so it would be nice for some of our folks to explain the endless joys and rewards of Chapter 555 membership to them...
If you can help out on the 8th, please get ahold of me, Carl Bogardus, or Carlos Galvan. Carlos will likely assume operational control of the event in short order, so kudos to him for volunteering.


Wes Baker

For more info EAA Chapter 555 - Las Cruces, NM



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New pictures of Thomas, Will, Roger, Skip & George at the : 2014 - Los Alamos Science Fest